Monday, March 28, 2011

Musical Monday - Jason Nett!

Amazing guitar with Jason Nett this morning - he's also a composer and will have one of his pieces featured with the Napa Valley Symphony this summer! 

The house concert he told us about - to raise money for Napa Valley Chorale - is this Sunday, April 3 in Napa - Call to RSVP and get the address - limited seating!  He will have other musicians there and will also do the "layering" music you heard on the show this morning.  Stunning!  Call 707.261.6165  $40

You can find his music on itunes, his CD at CDBaby and he is on MySpace too.


Check out Wandering Rose's new website with lots of info on art and entertainment happenings in Napa:

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  1. I believe the concert is supposed to be on Sunday, March 25th.